When great design and coding come together - that’s the real magic.

Our digital philosophy is grounded in the idea that the best products come from partnerships. Both the client / studio partnership, and the design / development partnership. Our projects fuse meticulously crafted code with world class design using a highly efficient and transparent iterative workflow. This combination helps us to deliver sector leading sites at competitive rates.

To review some of our recent projects in greater depth, please see our case studies for Aerospace America, Business Officer, LTK, and People for Bikes.

Web projects often uncover business process issues deep within organizations. For this reason, THOR starts every project with discovery sessions that helps us to ascertain which solutions will be the best fit for each individual organization. We codify the early findings from these discovery activities and enter them into an iterative project plan. The iterative project plan is built around constant feedback and the ability to sensibly modify the plan at critical junctures throughout the process. The iterative concept is central to developing great sites, where the needs of tomorrow shift as the work progresses.

Our process distills input from many fields — graphic design, usability research, SEO, web development, social media, and more — into logical and appropriate solutions. Transitioning from Discovery to Design, we provide our clients with wireframes, site maps, story boards, design comps, and documentation aimed at organizing the components of the project as a whole. From there we leverage clickable prototypes to rapidly showcase viable concepts to our client. We then transition into the primary development phase when the prototype is transformed into a fully developed and ready to launch site.

The tools we use to build sites varies from project to project. THOR recommends WordPress for many of our clients looking for cost-effective, small- to mid-size sites. WordPress' vibrant development community and modular structure have made the platform extremely stable, secure, and maleable to design potential. For more highly interactive websites, THOR leverages the React ecosystem which creates component-based websites that are offer a myriad of high-impact visual treatments.

The launch is only the beginning of the life cycle of a modern website. The present day internet is constantly churning out content and upgrades to efficiently accessing that content. Website must be maintained and expanded if they are to remain central to their audience's viewing habits. THOR supports our projects with extended service and rigorous ongoing testing and security patching. We are highly engaged in the process of mapping out site enhancements and our iterative process makes it easy to organize and implement changes in manageable blocks of work.



THOR worked with marketing firm Buoyant Partners to build a multi-platform online contest experience for non-profit No Kid Hungry. The "What Are You Hungry For?" campaign was driven by user submitted videos and still images. The contest was strategically promoted through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Viewers of the site were able to vote for their favorite submissions through an online interface. The WRUH4 campaign helps youths struggling with poverty and food shortages to empower themselves and rise above their challenges through community and creativity.