THOR has one of the most experienced and accomplished publication design teams around.

Our combined decades of publication experience have resulted in a refined eye for producing top-tier titles. Repetition has bred high levels of visual awareness for scale, relationships between elements, typography, color, and illustration. Our creative director has an advanced degree in photography, making him a valuable resource in image research, photo illustration, and high-end image correction. We are experts in infographic development, with advanced skills attuned to organizing complex data sets into compelling story components.

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Whether working from a blank canvas or a well-established publication, our sweet spot is redesign.

Our redesign process takes into account every aspect of the publication. Many firms overlook content and structure and focus their effort only on the aesthetics. THOR begins with in-depth interviews of editors, staff, and publication readers. We use the information we gather to recreate the publication from the ground up. We focus on pacing, readability, entry points, and appropriate and sustainable design components.

The vast majority of our redesign clients have subsequently hired us to produce their magazine on an ongoing basis. These engagements involve all aspects of magazine production - sourcing art, designing and populating pages, managing edits, preflighting files, and working with the printer. We are experts at workflow and guide our clients to efficient and intuitive methods for magazine production.


Design is the sprint. Production is the marathon.

Our team has decades of experience in publication design. It's this experience that allows us to manage the schedules of numerous publications without missing deadlines and with custom solutions for each and every client. We handle all aspects of publication production including art consultation, art development, page design, page editing, preflighting, and delivery to the printer. We have an highly effective system for keeping projects on track during the high-speed demands of the monthly publishing cycle.


We strive to make all of our work the best it can be.

THOR has won dozens of publication specific design awards over the years in a wide range of categories covering everything from cover illustration to excellence in redesign.



We're the firm that the CLIO Awards turns to for their publications.

THOR primarily designs magazines, but some of our most prominent projects have been annual reports and awards programs. Over the years we've designed dozens of world-class annual reports and event publications.